Meet our team

Robert Mikulík, MD, PhD
Stroke Program Director / Simulation Trainer & Supervisor

Member of European Stroke Organisation 

Simulation Education Committee 

"Our simulation training stands on our 20-years experience in thrombolytic treatment in stroke. We want to help other countries and hospitals to improve their stroke treatment through simulation training.”

Hana Maršálková (Pokorná)
Simulation Coordinator / Methodologist / PR

“We are developing new scenarios, new training tools and improving our courses to provide the best training and experience to our trainees."

Veronika Svobodová
Head of Simulation Program in Stroke / Simulation Specialist

"Simulation education has enormous potential and I am happy we are one of pioneers in stroke treatment logistics simulation.”

Member of European Stroke Organisation 

Simulation Education Committee

Tereza Vafková, MD
Methodologist / Debriefing Specialist

"I am happy I can participate on creating an evidence of simulation effectiveness in stroke.”

Simulation in Stroke Brno

St. Anne's University Hospital Brno

Czech Republic

This project was financially supported by the South Moravian region.