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Meet our team

Robert Mikulík, MD, PhD
Stroke Program Director / Simulation Trainer & Supervisor

Member of European Stroke Organisation 

Simulation Education Committee 

"Our simulation training stands on our 20-years experience in thrombolytic treatment in stroke. We want to help other countries and hospitals to improve their stroke treatment through simulation training.”

Hana Maršálková (Pokorná)
Simulation Coordinator / Methodologist / PR

“We are developing new scenarios, new training tools and improving our courses to provide the best training and experience to our trainees."

Veronika Svobodová
Head of Simulation Program in Stroke / Simulation Specialist

"Simulation education has enormous potential and I am happy we are one of pioneers in stroke treatment logistics simulation.”

Member of European Stroke Organisation 

Simulation Education Committee

Tereza Vafková, MD
Methodologist / Debriefing Specialist

"I am happy I can participate on creating an evidence of simulation effectiveness in stroke.”

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